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[at-l] Duct Tape and me

My two cents worth re duct tape . . . i never worried about it causing 
infection - maybe I should, since it is not manufactured with sterility 
in mind, but I've used it on open cuts, blisters, etc. for years with no 
ill effects . . . I think there is no other tape close in terms of 
effectiveness for using it on blisters - the slick outer layer is 
awesome to reduce friction, and I say don't put anything on the inside 
between your (blistered) skin and the duct tape - just clean it well, 
pour some alcohol or wild turkey 101 on it to kill all germs, let dry, 
and put a wrinkle-free piece of duct tape on that sucker and leave it 
alone for several days - by the time you want to take it off (i.e., yer 
next evening after 15-25 miles of walkin, or - more likely for me - 
about three days later when I take a shower in some kewl hiker town,), 
it will come right off . . . unless your feet magically never sweat! :)


Go Heels!!!!

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