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[at-l] so...let me ask you this...

How about "Mavis"

Clyde :>))

If this dosen't make any sense to you, ask Felix.  He will explain it to you.

> Um. Maybe someone else should try their hand at this. Does anything 
> besides "double-helix" rhyme with Felix? 
> Waterfall 
> From shane at theplacewithnoname.com  Mon Apr  4 16:50:22 2005
From: shane at theplacewithnoname.com (Shane Steinkamp)
Date: Mon Apr  4 18:09:49 2005
Subject: [at-l] so...let me ask you this...
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> ...say you're riding your bike someplace..."You're riding your bike 
> someplace."  Okay, now what if you are riding your bike and there is a 
> major river you need to cross and the only bridge around...for a long, 
> long way...is on an interstate? How is a bike rider to cross a river in 
> such a case? For instance...if you are inVicksburg, MS and want to cross 
> the Mississisiiisiisppi into Loseyanna, what would you do??

1.  Cross on a train trestle.  
2.  Call a cab.
3.  Ask a policeman.  
4.  Take the ferry.  (I don't think there is one anymore, though...)
5.  Cross at old US Hwy 80.