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[at-l] so...let me ask you this...

Ummm, fill the tires with helium and take a balloon (tire) ride across the river?  But I'm not sure how to keep the fox, the chicken, the box of Wheaties and cousin Elmo separated.
Kent Gardam

Felix <AThiker@smithville.net> wrote:
...say you're riding your bike someplace..."You're riding your bike 
someplace." Okay, now what if you are riding your bike and there is a 
major river you need to cross and the only bridge around...for a long, 
long way...is on an interstate? How is a bike rider to cross a river in 
such a case? For instance...if you are inVicksburg, MS and want to cross 
the Mississisiiisiisppi into Loseyanna, what would you do??

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"
ALT '03 KT '03

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