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[at-l] Calling all computer folks on the list!

At 02:16 AM 4/4/2005 -0400, Shelly Hale wrote:
>I have been wondering about something.  I've looked at ways to journal 
>while on the trail.  Without a doubt, the PocketMail is very
>popular.  (Blackberry and Sidekicks are other alternatives.)
>However, when I look at the weight of it plus a phone plus 
>charger.sheesh.I might as well carry a lightweight wireless laptop.
>Also, I hate to think that if I had to finger peck my way through 
>journaling that I'd give up on it.  Hate those itty bitty
>keyboards!  LOL

Have you considered a Palm Pilot? Palm's Zire 72 has a lot of things a 
hiker wants in one package: a place to record your journal, MP3 player, 
expansion slot for additional memory (MMC cards), even a camera if you can 
get along with 1.2 MP images. You can get a compact wireless keyboard to 
use with it if you don't like writing on the screen or tapping on the 
optical keyboard.

I must be old fashioned. I prefer to write my journal on paper and I don't 
listen to the radio or portable music in the woods. I listen to the wind, 
the birds, running water and rain. That's music enough.