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[at-l] Calling all computer folks on the list!

Hey everybody,


I have been wondering about something.  I've looked at ways to journal while on the trail.  Without a doubt, the PocketMail is very
popular.  (Blackberry and Sidekicks are other alternatives.)


However, when I look at the weight of it plus a phone plus charger.sheesh.I might as well carry a lightweight wireless laptop.
Also, I hate to think that if I had to finger peck my way through journaling that I'd give up on it.  Hate those itty bitty
keyboards!  LOL


I was thinking that with a wireless laptop scaled down, and then I would have a keypad the size I can really fly on.  Plus, there is
the fact that I could download my pics to it all day long and go ahead and upload them to websites like backcountry and/or
trailjournals.  That way I wouldn't have to worry about memory cards getting lost or such.  


I don't think I'd need a burner if I can get them to upload.  However, a burner would be nice so that I could help other folks out
on the trail by burning CDs for them.


So, let me hear from you guys.  I need pros and cons of utilizing a wireless laptop on the trail.  Remember that I am talking about
a really scaled down and lightweight one.


The floor is now open!


Tenacious Tanasi

   (Shelly Hale)







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