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[at-l] NOBO Thruhike Start Dates

Shelly Hale wrote:

>What kind of watch was it?  What kinds of functions did it have?  Where can I buy one?

It was a time-keeping watch. Its function was to keep time. I don't 
rightly remember what else it did. May have had a stopwatch...in the 
event that I ever wanted to know to the hundredth of a second how long 
it took me to get from shelter A to tentsite B.  I'll never forget 
looking down in that powdered dirt underneath the table at Daicy Pond 
and seeing it sitting there, though. I picked it up and carried it all 
the way to Springer. A few years later, I gave it to Stoat and he 
carried it from Katahdin all the way to Springer. Now, according to a 
text message I just got from Stoat, it is apparently in a box in 
California, Florida or Indiana. The watch I sent home after I found it 
is, however, sitting right over there on my dresser. It has a stopwatch,