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[at-l] AT-L Archive for 2004

Felix wrote:  >>I found it, Shelly. I think this is what you're looking for... 
>>"...times two. If you carry the three, you'll find that the answer can't possibly be an integer because of the Schakton theorem"

Ah Ha!  There it is!  Thank you so much Felix!  I knew it had to be there somewhere.  You're the greatest.

However, I wonder if I could trouble you to help me on the other thing I was trying to find...it is a posting as to the purpose of
the internet trail community, its by-laws, and tips on how to fight VERY organized people who are going to build away the trail's
wild surroundings.  I just can't seem to find it anywhere!

Tenacious Tanasi
   (Shelly Hale)