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[at-l] weather in Springer

Springer Mountain is in Fannin County, GA.  The following link is a 
general "outlook for spring 2005" listing spring "normals" for Georgia.


I am searching for a good website with averages, bell curves, etc of 
temperatures, humidity, rainfall, wet bulb, etc, etc (I love those 
statistics!) but haven't yet found the resource.  But it's out there 
somewhere, and when I find it I'll send it along.

A neat combo gadget that provides weather data, in addition to 
everything else under the sun, is the HighGear AltiTech2.  At 2 ounces, 
it's light, and provides the following functions: clock, alarm, digital 
compass, altimeter, barometer (w/24 historical graph!!), and who knows 
what else - all for less then $150.00.  I'm taking one on all my future 
hikes.  Once it arrives in the mail, anyway.

Good luck on the hike!!  And I'm quite jealous.  I wish I could start 
my thru-hike this year too.


On Apr 2, 2005, at 10:09 AM, Donna Rinkel wrote:

> How would we find out the weather on the trail at Springer?  We are 
> trying to determine how little clothing we can carry for our April 24 
> start date
> Donna
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