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[at-l] RE: Broken Wrists

<<Hey, go for it.  It's not just useful, it's also a lot of fun.>>

My sister took the certication course for WFA (Nols? One of the ones up in

Since winter is coming I'll throw out one of her stories here.
The old treatment for hypothermia was body contact in a sleeping bag (yeah,
ok, a whole bunch of bad jokes here).
The new theory is that the faster you get warmed up the better off you are.
(I think one of the new lines is that you're not dead until you're warm and
dead, but that may just be for cold water drowning victims.)
So the fastest way to warm somebody is in a sleeping bag with three
nalgenes of hot water, one in between your thighs and one in each armpit.
Since you have major blood vessels running close to the skin surface in
those areas it's very effective, especially when demonstrated outside in
Feb with non-hypothermic "victims". Everyone got their turn in the bag, and
of course between the bag and all the cold weather layers it didn't take
long to overheat. The "victim" is trying to peel off layers while everyone
stands around explaining that that's the last stage of hypothermia and
trying to jam you back in... :   )