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[at-l] The flu bug...UGH!!!!

First, I'm still getting over the flu, which developed into bronchitis. 
Started Sunday 24 Oct.  I'm "over" it now, but still far from back to full 
strength.  There were three days that all I did was sleep.  This bugger can be 
a bad one.  So I know where you are.  Hang in there.

Now to your question:

Have you or someone you known gotten sick out on the trail?

You bet I have.  Different times.  Different symptoms.  Handled differently, 
each time.

I'm no Doctor and don't play one on the net, or TV for that matter.  So, the 
following is recollection and personal anecdotes -- not advice.

On the trail, issue number one for me was dehydration, followed closely by 
strength.   I have stayed for a while when I felt like hell, as long as I was 
drinking, not losing too much fluid and had the strength to go on.  I have 
walked through some gastro/intestinal "stuff".  I have walked through bad 
"colds."  I have walked through some "flu-like stuff."  OTOH, I have bailed 
when I knew I was losing too much liquate and/or was not making at less 1/2 
the planned mileage.


BTW -- Consideration for others has come into play, also.  I have also bailed 
in situations where I might have otherwise continued, when the shelters/camp 
sites were crowded.  One of the neat things about winter hiking is the lack of 

BTW2 -- I'm a backpacker, not a thruhiker.  So, I'm out to enjoy the outdoors, 
not "do" some distance/ the trail/ etc.  So, if I'm sick enough to not enjoy 
being there, why be there?  OTOH, if I think this is "doable" and I be OK and 
will be having fun soon, I'd tend to stay.  So, when in the outing plays a 
part, too.  Early, with time left to get OK  vs. late in the allotted time = 
stick it out to enjoy the walk later vs. "Hey I've had a good time.  It's time 
to bail and not ruin it."

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While I'm sitting here being miserable with the flu