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[at-l] Action Alert - Wreck Beach


Monday, November 1, 2004

The University of British Columbia (UBC) may not be paying attention 
to public sentiment, but as a result of over  432 letters from all 
NOVEMBER 1, the GVRD is!   Collectively, these Wreck Beach 
signatories have  generated over $4-million in goods and services.  
Public outcry is intensifying  against four, 20-storey towers 
planned to overlook internationally-renowned Wreck Beach.  If you 
have not yet signed the petition, please go to www.wreckbeach.org 
and click on the petition link.

It is time that UBC also began heeding all those  who cherish 
Vancouver's legacy  of unspoiled forested cliffs by the sea!  It is 
time for all persons from Vancouver, the rest of B.C., across Canada 
and internationally, to let UBC know they will lose worldwide 
respect if the university persists with this madness.  Write from 
your heart!  Tell UBC and GVRD why this forested promontory should 
remain natural as well as what it means to you.  If nothing else, 
tell them why you support the WBPS in keeping the area high-rise 

We need your letters NOW, before Nov. 17th in time to make a 
difference BEFORE Nov. 22.  Please send your letters to the e-mail 
and/or snail mail addresses listed at the end of this release with 
copies to the WBPS at: judyw@wreckbeach.org. 

Not only will the view from the beach be destroyed forever, but the 
entire gateway to Vancouver will be changed from wilderness-like to 
a glass, steel and concrete row of behemoths growling their 
greetings to Vancouver's Lower Mainland.

You need only stress:  (1) Cliff stability; (2) Stormwater control, 
and (3) Viewscapes being altered irrevocably   from  Wreck Beach to 
the cliff tops.  GVRD officials have agreed that these three issues 
cause them to be concerned over the Towers project..

Point Grey lies in Pacific Spirit Regional Park.  Its cliffs and 
foreshore comprise only  7.8 km. of a 1500-hecatare park, but  
account for 57 percent of total park usage. Over 300, 000 visitors a 
year use only one of seven trails to this magical  beach.  In 2001, 
Wreck Beach Trail #6 visitors contributed over $61-million to the 
total economy in goods and services.

However, the economic boon to the area is not the only yardstick by 
which this spiritual retreat for Vancouverites and international 
visitors is measured.  A  recent study of the connection between 
wellness and man's ability to connect with nature has proven 
conclusively that urban dwellers in particular must find 
regeneration and renewal in nature as provided by our parks.  That 
Wreck Beach is only 15 minutes from the heart of a thriving 
metropolis, makes it all the more precious for Vancouverites and 
those who travel from across Canada and from abroad to reconnect 
with nature as Nature intended .

What can anyone concerned about the breakneck speed and lack of 
adequate public consultaton UBC has invested in this towers project, 
do? !!  Sign our petition, and PLEASE.take a moment to write to the 
GVRD Board, the BOG,   the GVRD Park Committee, and the Joint 
Committee c/o of Paulette Vetleson, Corporate Secretary, 4330 
Kingsway, Burnaby, B.C. V5H 4G8, and e-mail or snail mail to:  
Paulette.vetleson@gvrd.bc.ca and Kristian.Nichols@gvrd.bc.ca   
Please also send letters to UBC's Board of Governors, by mailing  to 
Shelley Jackson at the above address or  e-mailing her at 
Shelley.Jackson@gvrd.bc.ca   Thank you!

PLEASE CALL EITHER JUDY AT (604)-856-9598/ Cell: 604-308-6336, OR 
JAMES AT (604)-689-9697 FOR DETAILS