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[at-l] Early AM Astronomers

On Nov 5, 2004, at 9:28 AM, GoVolsKelly@aol.com wrote:

> This morning it was actually cool enough (78 degrees) that I didn't 
> need a
> second shower by the time I got to work. (You can sweat buckets just 
> walking to
>  your car, walking into Starbucks, walking back out to your car..) 
> And, it's
> not  quite snowbird season, so my 8 mile commute only took 30 minutes. 
>  Palm
> trees were doing the wave as I drove by and I noticed that people have 
> dug up
> their coladiums and replaced them with small bunches of impatients 
> that will
> grow into big bushy bunches of color.  I only had one moron on the a 
> cell
> phone with their head up their a$$ slow me down.  No one pulled out in 
>  front of
> me, no one gave me the finger when I tooted my horn to remind them 
> that  in
> America, green means go, and the line at Starbucks was only 9 people 
> long,  and
> included the hot but gay guy that looks like Jude Law.  So all in all, 
>  it
> was a pleasant commute.  Gotta love the fall.

We had a big wind come up overnight.  All the leaves went away!  I am 
I'm going on a trailride tomorrow and all I'm going to see is tree 

In addition to the leaves, the electricity went away.  I determined 
that just under
a third of the drivers know or care that you should treat a dead 
stoplight as a stop sign.
And I found that all the gas pumps had no power, so I might be doing 
spur of the moment hiking today if the power doesn't come back soon.   
only I'd worn my hiking boots instead of my cozy sheepskin boots.

-amy in powerless Maryland