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[at-l] Bear Repellent

> Yeah, I got that. You're in one of your moods again, aren't you?

Does it show?

> I get that in his post at all. He was just saying that they aren't
> the lucking menace many people including Bill BRYSON (see, I
> remembered his name) think they are.

Well, nothing is really a lurking meance.  Except heart disease...  I'm
still not letting my kid go pet the bears.

> > I like to just talk to the bear.  Introduce myself.  Recite a
> > little poem or two.
> What sort of poetry? Do they like haiku or more Western tradition
> rhymes?

Well, they don't like anything I recite so far.  Not even the scrotum

> Gators I respect (both the weight and big teeth thing). I wouldn't
> recite any poems to a gator.

Best not to throw pearls before swine, so to speak.  Lizards never did
appreciate fine literature.

> I talk to snakes. "Tell you what snake. You leave me alone and
> I'll leave you alone".

Most snakes take that deal.  I like to tell people that a snake trusts you
not to step on or mess with him.  If you live up to that trust, you can
trust him/her/it not to bite you.