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[at-l] Bear Repellent

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From: "Shane" <shane@theplacewithnoname.com>

> > You can just as easily say that working in a garden is dangerous because
> > some people have heart attacks while planting pansies.
> Gardens don't kill people.  Large critters do.

Sigh - people kill far more people than animals do.  Does it follow that you
should be frightened of everyone you meet?

> AH.  I get it now.  You are absolutely correct.  Being in the immediate
> vicinity of bears is NOT in itself a dangerous situation.  I agree.  Being
> mauled by bears, however, IS a dangerous situation.

And luckily this will happen on the average less than one time every two
years in the U.S.  It's not something I'm going to lose any sleep over.