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[at-l] Why I don't reply to the list

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  Either way G.O.  I love to hear what you have to say ... you have some
pretty good insight... by the way... what kind of sleeping bag do you have?
I am having a heck of a time looking for one that is comfortable... I have a
sandman now but at 4 lbs I am looking for something lighter and possibly down.

In a message dated 4/11/03 6:40:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time, greyowl@rcn.com

> Why I reply to questions off list.
> 10.  I am male and a goodly number of people on the list are
> female.  What works for me may not work for them.
> 9.  I am a section hiker, I start out really out of shape and finish
> only slightly out of shape.  A big day for me is 14 to 15 miles.
> 8. I am 6'5" tall, weight 270 lbs and wear a size 14 boot.  Most of
> the backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads are too
> small for me.  Can't find clothing to fit me, and boots are hard to
> find.
> 7. I am 57 years old and my body has not aged well.  I carry a lot
> of meds.
> 6. I am pretty disorganized.  I am planning a hike this fall to finish
> up NY state.  Starting point Aeden Valley Rd, Finish point Hoyt rd.
> 7 days.  That is about all the plannig I do for a hike.
> 5.  I am a fair weather hiker.  I will hike in the rain but not the snow.
> I think any body that does should have their head examined.
> 4.I like to hike alone, not go into town or to be any part of the thru
> hiker scene.
> 3.  While I really enjoy the outdoors experience I also enjoy it by
> canoeing, mountain biking, white water rafting etc.  I find that hiking
> really limits ones experience.
> 2.  I live in PA and I really enjoy the rocks!!
> and the number one reason is (Drum roll please)
> 1.  I know Felix
> Cheers,
> Grey Owl