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[at-l] Alcohol stoves; light weight?

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  Well,  I agree with Amy on the simplicity and the nice to see how much fuel
you have factor on  but I am leaning towards Pb for "me".  I think in the
long run, for me, I will be a happier hiker with my Apex II.    The alcohol
stove is great, don't get me wrong and I think I figured out why I used more
fuel than I normally do... I was cooking for TWO not just me... thus twice
the fuel I was expecting to use...

  I might rethink it but I cannot imagine trying to simmer a rice dinner for
15 minutes and me refilling that stove 2 or 3 times.  I just like the

In a message dated 4/11/03 6:06:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
askowronek@mindspring.com writes:

> > Oh, I know - you made it yourself and it's cheap and it's sooo cool.
> > Fine.
> > Just don't tell me it's the lightest weight solution out there.
> >
> I've come to agree with you in part, but I do like the low-tech aspect
> of it.  There's very, very little to go wrong.  You can manufacture
> a new stove easily, which I can't say for my other stoves.  :)
> I used an alcohol stove on the trail last year and was quite happy
> with it, but I'm not a big cooker.  Usually I only cook in the evening,
> if that, so I don't need to carry much fuel.
> One aspect of alcohol stoves/pop bottles that I do like is
> it's very easy to tell how much fuel you have left.  The canisters
> and opaque bottles always leave me wondering.
> -amy