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[at-l] Alcohol stoves; light weight?

On Friday, April 11, 2003, at 05:51 PM, Papa Bear wrote:

> Oh, I know - you made it yourself and it's cheap and it's sooo cool.
> Fine.
> Just don't tell me it's the lightest weight solution out there.

I've come to agree with you in part, but I do like the low-tech aspect
of it.  There's very, very little to go wrong.  You can manufacture
a new stove easily, which I can't say for my other stoves.  :)

I used an alcohol stove on the trail last year and was quite happy
with it, but I'm not a big cooker.  Usually I only cook in the evening,
if that, so I don't need to carry much fuel.

One aspect of alcohol stoves/pop bottles that I do like is
it's very easy to tell how much fuel you have left.  The canisters
and opaque bottles always leave me wondering.