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[at-l] budget hiking.... redux

Some may recognize the reposting of "Towns=Time=Money" planning
posts, but it seems quite timely to repost them right now. There
is some originality to claim, but the biggest portion comes
right from the ol' at-l, so take a bow if you see an idea of

One point of potential contention is whether buying along the
way contains enough of a price-penalty to make buying at home
and in bulk remain the least expensive route. I *presume* that
it does -- considering I've seen trail-town ramen for $0.69 and
trail-town Liptons for $1.49 (when they can be had in bulk for
$0.10 and $0.49, with a sharp eye). Since, 24 years
(today!)after my throughhike, I would still find a sponge soaked
in maple syrup to be mucho gusto, I may not be the most picky

Happy, lite, and cheap trails to all,

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