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[at-l] Rain Gear

Yes the seams are taped. The only color Waly World had is Yellow. I also
found that Rain Shield has exclusive use of this fabric from 3M. On a search
of O2 Rain Wear I found more fishing sites with reviews as well. It seems to
te pretty popular with anglers.
It is available in a blue and a camo pattern as well. The construction of
the blue suit is different from the yellow suit. I haven't found anybody
locally that has the blue suit yet, but I am still looking.


Ed Field
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> I suspect in the long run that you get what you pay for. The jacket
> isn't as durable as a more expensive, and better constructed one. It
> like the fabric treatment at least, works as advertised. Are the seams
> taped? It sounds like a great dayhike jacket. I'm going to head through
> ice over to Wally World today and check them out.
> vic
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> I just picked up a cheap ($15) , incredibly light rain coat at WalMart. I
> got a large and it weighs about 5 oz on my scale, with it's stuff bag. It
> made of 3M Propore fabric that is supposed to be breathable as well. Does
> anybody have anyexperience with 3M Propore fabric, as how well does it
> up?
> Ed Field
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