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[at-l] cheap Thrus

Roks wrote:
>      ***   I would LOVE to see a thorough journal of an experienced AT
>through-hiker who deliberately set off to do a cheap, but comfortable,
>through-hike and documented it. I mean like daily expenditures being the
>main item. This journal could then be archived for reference whenever this
>common topic comes up...

Might be interesting, but it's a very low probability occurrence.  New
thruhikers sometimes attempt it, but experienced thruhikers are rarely that
anal.  I did it for a while on the AT, but saw the light and quit that kind
of activity somewhere around Pearisburg.  On the CDT I gave up counting
miles - counting pennies held no attraction whatever.

When Baltimore Jack comes back in October you might ask if he knows anyone
who's done that.

Walk softly,

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