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[at-l] GVP4 fans

Well said.  So I'll not repeat but add my hand up as also having many happy
hikes with my G4.


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On Monday, March 31, 2003, at 06:07 PM, JAMES CRAIG wrote:

> I keep reading more and more that the GVP4 is the be-all, end-all to
> packing these days.  As I'm fond of my Gregory Pallisades (or have been
> for a few years) what's all the hub bub about?  I'm curious as to how
> many users there are out there in AT land.  My trek from Springer to
> Hot Springs begins April 19.  I've read the info on the GVP website and
> although $85 isn't a large sum to spend considering all the $$$ I've
> invested in gear that I DON'T use, just wondering how ya'll think it
> would stand up to use in the long run.

It's the be-all, end-all for ultralight backpacking.  :)  Well, actually
maybe the G5 is, since it's actually lighter.

The hubbub is that weighs under a pound and it fits
a lot of stuff.  If you have the right body shape for it, it's pretty
comfy providing you don't overload it.  Glenn is very straightforward
about that on the website.

I've had many happy hikes with my G4.  Properly loaded it
feels like I'm carrying a large pillow.  I like that my Z-rest is
easy to get at.  The P-1 can take a Z-rest as a frame, but
there isn't a pocket like there is in the G4 and it kind of slithers
around a little.

Also the pockets are pretty nice.  They're large and roomy.

I don't think the G4 is necessarily a great choice for short women,
if only because the Z-rest frame is always going to be a bit too
long.  Mine hits me in the butt.  Not a big problem, but not ideal
either.  Also the hipbelt sits a little oddly on women.

On the other hand, I've probably put 300 plus miles on my G4
over several trips, so I obviously like it quite a bit despite
being a short woman.


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