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[at-l] Trail Notes

The recent thread on the companion got me to thinking.  The companion does =
a decent job of informing the hiker of what is available in a certain area =
of the trail.  The trail guides give a pretty decent idea of what the trail=
 is like (though some guides do a lot better job than others).  The AT data=
 book gives the latest mileage and the ATC has a shuttlers page.  As I have=
 hiked through PA and NJ I have also taken notes of what I have found on th=
e trail (and off the trail).  I have all of this information in a notebook =
and I dispense this information out to anybody that is interestded in it.  =
Most of this information is give to through hikers and section hikers as I =
shuttle hikers from early May to late September.  I have note that many hik=
es also have there own little notes that they use.  I would be happy to sha=
re this information with anyone on the list who is interested in it.  I mus=
t warn you that some of the information is out of date as I do not keep hik=
ing the same piece of trail over and over.  I have actually thought of orga=
nizing this data into a text file that I could mail to prospective hikers, =
but I have decide against it.  Life is way too short and there are too many=
 trails to hike.

Grey Owl