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[at-l] AT Camera - Staring from Scratch

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Hmm, that copy and paste feature isn't supposed to add stuff, lets try agai=
n (it is correct as I am looking at it, lets see what happens when I push s=
end) :o)

Operation: 32=B0F -104=B0F (0=B0C - 40=B0C) 30-90% Humidity
Storage: -4=B0 F - 140=B0F (-20=B0C - 60=B0C) 10-90% Humidity

 J Bryan Kramer <jbryankramer@msn.com> wrote:I suspect these hi temps didn'=
t come out quite right, 1400 F is above the
melting point of most plastics or the ignition point for that matter ;-> It=
probably 32-104 deg F and -40 to 140 deg F.


> Operation: 320F -1040F (00C - 400C) 30-90% Humidity
> Storage: -40 F - 1400F (-200C - 600C) 10-90% Humidity

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