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[at-l] Dentists

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> I know that most trail sites are not too far from a dentist, and you can
> into town to one -- if you can find one open and one that is reasonable.
> But any dental problem can turn even two feet into "too far".  Imagine
> stumbling down the trail to the tune of ")(&)*&^^$!!!?".

I'm afraid you're mistaken on this one. Broke a tooth between NOC and
Fontana. Happily, it was an old root canal minus the root and there was
no pain. Hiked 2 more days into Fontana. First off, the nearest dentist
was in Franklin...wouldn't take any "new" patients. Had one office tell
me, well you can come in and have it looked at, but we won't do anything
about it. Then there was the circus of trying to find a shuttle. The one
shuttle i chased down couldn't guarantee a return to Fontana. Gave up.

Hiked on and hitched from Newfound Gap into Gatlinburg. Wonderful
dentist there....along the bus route. Able to take an emergency patient.
Even spoke with my dentist back in Connecticut. Took care of me and i
travelled on. Wish i could recall his name. Good guy.

Second Chance