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[at-l] Slides from digital

>> How would one make slides from digital?
> Much cheaper to rent or buy a digital projector that hooks to a
> computer.

Digital projectors are *very* pricey.  On the other hand, many new
DVD players support Kodak Picture CD display, including the Apex 1100W
which you can get for ~$60 at Wal-Mart (and hack to disable the region
coding and Macrovision).  Picture CDs can be created from digital
images or from 35mm, APS, or 120 film, if you go to a retailer with
the right sort of equipment.  (Including -- full disclosure -- the
equipment that I work on for my day job.)  You can also get traditional
prints from your digital camera while you're there.

And, as Shane mentioned, many digital cameras have a video out, too.

 -- Raccoon --
(and, obviously, you can display the JPEGs on someone's monitor or
laptop if it's a small enough gathering)

Susan Davis <futabachan@yahoo.com>

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