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[at-l] Re:at-l] AT Camera - Staring from Scratch

Hi all,

Time for my $0.02 woth.

Disposiable Cameras - getting better, have taken some very good quality pic=
tures with them.  The real problem is that the people processing film don't=
 cut the film properly.

Reqular film camera - expensive film, to get good quality pictures one need=
s to go some place other than wqalley mart.  I use to develope my own black=
 and white picture.  Learned a while ago to use slow speed slide film to ta=
ke pictures.  Excellent color density and really spectacular prints.  Yes, =
Prints!!!  Expensive, but you have them developed as slides and then you ta=
ke the best and have them made into prints.  This is my choice.  Disadvanta=
ge is that after 20 years or so the colours fade (both prints nad negatives=

Digital -  have used and I personally do not like them (then of course I ha=
te windows. I miss by c:> prompt on my computer).  The pictures appear to b=
e too two dimensional.  There is not the same warmth in color and there is =
not much in the way of depth.  Recently look at some truly spectacular blac=
k and white digital prints taken on a new black and white digital camera.  =
Neither you or I can afford the camera as at this time there is only one of=
 them.  One nice advantage is that the digital prints can be downloaded str=
aight into a powerpoint presentation.   I am going to stick with my slightl=
y heavy 1969 Cannon SLR camera.

Grey Owl