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Dental problems on the Trail (was) RE: [at-l] OT: Aigh!

I have been thinking of this a lot lately.  Just was told that I needed to
have two molars capped and started the process this week.  The temporaries
are a pain to live with but if I had the final caps pop out on the trail
that would make life a living hell.  There's no pain like tooth-related
nerve pain.  Just thinking of the movie Marathon Man and the phrase "Is it
Safe?" makes the rabbits jump over the grave . . .

I spoke with my dentist about Cavit - a temporary filling product.  He said
it was great but that there was something new out there but he couldn't
remember the name.  I go back to see him for the final procedure in two
weeks so I'll find out then.

Thinking further I realized the need for a good small mirror for this type
of situation.  Even more so if solo hiking.  Got to be able to see what
your doing.

I also take ambasol with me.  Great for managing gum and tooth pain.

Other than that there's not much else one can do until they see a
dentist.  The key would be pain control and egress from the trail.


At 12:29 PM 10/30/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>While on the trail, I bit down on a pecan meat and it still had a hard shell
>piece still attached.  I said a few words the were appropriate to the BLUE
>ridge country.
>After this thread, I began wondering what remedies there are besides
>carrying one of those dental emergency kits.
>I know that most trail sites are not too far from a dentist, and you can
>into town to one -- if you can find one open and one that is reasonable.
>But any dental problem can turn even two feet into "too far".  Imagine
>stumbling down the trail to the tune of ")(&)*&^^$!!!?".
>And are the kits worth carrying.
>And what about temporary relief when you have a long way to go to the
>nearest dentist?  Or you have to tent for the night?  Or if you are within
>one day from finishing the AT?
>William The Snaggle Tooth Turtle
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