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[at-l] AT Camera - Staring from Scratch

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Shane is on the right track with his advice.  I have a business where I use=
 only digital and have done much research on digital cameras pro and consum=
er. I will be thru-hiking in 2004 and  as fast as technology is changing, I=
 am sure that there will be an incredible weightless 10megapixel camera tha=
t I will take then.  But, If I were to buy a camera for a thru-hike today i=
t would be the Olympus D40 Zoom.  It weighs 6.7 oz without the batteries an=
d media card, which is incredible.  It takes 4.0 megapixel photos, which is=
 also great for a camera of this size.  It also has a zoom, so you can take=
 a photo of that bear in the woods . However, for good photos, the lens is =
the most important thing, and Olympus always seems to have a good one for t=
heir digital products...  I am not biased, as I have Canon 35mm and Digital=
 as well as Kodak digital.  But my main use camera is an Olympus E-20 N, wh=
ich is a digital SLR. (weighs 5 lbs with the battery pack needed to use 1GB=


My husband (support person) and I have talked about how we are going to man=
age the memory card and battery exchange.  I take alot of photos.  So we th=
ink that every other maildrop, I will send back the rechargeable batteries =
and the memory card and there will be same waiting for me.  He will do the =
recharging of batteries and downloading of photos.  So I figure on having 2=
 sets of batteries, one in the camera and one spare and 2 memory cards, all=
 in a padded pack.  He will have same at his end.

It is also good for these ranges of temperatures and humidity:

Operation: 32=B0F -104=B0F (0=B0C - 40=B0C) 30-90% Humidity
Storage: -4=B0 F - 140=B0F (-20=B0C - 60=B0C) 10-90% Humidity

If it is raining or dense fog, you may want to leave it in your pack, oh an=
d don't go swimming with it!  :o)

The other thing is, if you want to have your batteries last longer, restrai=
n the urge to view all of the pictures that you have taken thus far on the =
LCD screen, as this quickly drains the batteries. Also, this camera uses sm=
art media, which is extremely light weight.

I think that rechargeable is best for the environment.  Also, that Digital =
photos are the best thing for the environment--no nasty chemicals are used =
in developing the film, and you can delete the ones that don't turn out.

Hope this info helps. If you have any other questions, you may email me dir=
ect, if you wish.

:o) Mary

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