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[at-l] The new hiking profile

Mary M. Morgan wrote:
>Subject Change:  Anyone know where I can get more info on the PA Ruck?  I
>have been using the search engines, but only came up with past ones?

Mary -
We don't usually start planning the Ruck until after the Gathering (which
was the weekend before last).  In fact, you must be a mindreader cause I wa=
just thinking about that this morning - and started doing some planning.
And I haven't even finished wrapping up the Gathering yet.

To sorta answer your question, it "should" be the last weekend in January a=
the Ironmasters Mansion at Pine Grove Furnace State Park. But before anyone
takes that too seriously, we need to check out some things.  So I'll get
back to you later to confirm this information - hopefully next week.

Walk softly,

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