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[at-l] Camera choices

On Wednesday, October 30, 2002, at 01:49  PM, Bushwacker wrote:
> For example, you see a dolphin jumping in the ocean - point the camera
> and
> push the trigger - nothing happens and the dolphin is back underwater
> when
> you hear the electronic beep go off indicating a picture has been
> taken.

You would have the same problem with any 35mm with auto-focus/exposure.
I don't think this is a digital vs. film issue.  If you set the
exposure manually and
turn off the auto-focus I think the delay you talk about would go away.
  Of course
on some low-end cameras (film and digital) you can't do that.

Of course I'm not a professional so I could be all wrong about this.

It is for shots like you describe that it pays off to be familiar with
your camera.
I wish I had spent more time playing around before my hike with the