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[at-l] Springer/New Years'

Moose wrote:
OH and just a little follow up to my last post about going to
Springer in Jan and starting out on the 3rd.  Why the 3rd?  Why
not the 1st?  There is a New Years Ruck of sorts on Springer
every year.  One could go up Dec 31st, hang out and party with a
bunch of crazy hiker trash for the night and have a proper send
off on the 1st..  just some food for thought.       Matt

### Absolutely!!! I expect to be there for the second time this
year -- what an unexpectedly moving experience -- way beyond
spending $100 to suck cigarette smoke and spill cheap bubbly.
(Better to suck firewood smoke and drink butter schnops, setting
off something wildly sparkly in the dry woods at midnight.)

### There's every possibility that the SmallBoys will arriving
via Standing Indian, by the way. (Sheesh! That would make their
third AT state completed before their ninth birthday.) But we
might just camp/hike small pieces from Fontana on down, too...
Going to talk to them tonight and see what they think. Last year
it was 10*F and blowing hard. Brrrrrrr. (Certainly would be a
switch from this year's Whites though. Hmmmmm.)


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