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[at-l] Boy Scout Shelter in Central VA

>From: W F Thorneloe
>Don't sell yourself so short on your ability to find a way to give back to
>the trail.

I'll drop the modesty and just tell you how I express my involvement; I
teach.  This comes from being a long-term avid backpacker and experienced
merit badge councilor.  The local Council has published my willingness to
teach backpacking merit badge to troops in my area (District).  This is
direct involvement in youth doing something I find very rewarding.  There is
a big challenge working with 14-18 year olds to keep them motivated in the
Scouting program.  Outdoor activities provide that opportunity and I
facilitate it.

So, I'm not selling myself short, I am choosing how to contribute to my
community.  It is not only about the AT, however, it is about LNT,
hypothermia and planning trips.

The comment "someone who knows the local resources" is concerning being a
caretaker of the Boy Scout Shelter in central Virgina.  I live 450 miles
from there.  How in the world would I be an effective caretaker?


>At 09:51 AM 10/30/02 -0500, Tim Woodworth wrote:
>>... It really seems a job for
>>someone who knows the local resources and has time to make the commitment
>>meaningful.  That person is just not me.

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