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[at-l] AT Camera - Staring from Scratch

As someone who avoided digital for years I'd have to disagree with the
weight issue anyway. First the cameras are probably lighter than film
cameras and the weight of the memory chips is very small compared with the
weight of the film that they replace one 128 MB chip = 10 or so rolls of 20
shot film. Batteries might be an issue but good power discipline helps
there, don't leave the camera on when you aren't taking shots and don't use
the lcd display unless you need it. Furthermore you can delete bad shots
something that is tough to do with film.

I don't see why the cameras would be less weather tolerant either, most film
cameras won't take sustained rain either.

> Hey Jan,
> I too, tend to be a bit of a technophobic.  I used my Olympus Stylus again
> on my PCT thru-hike this year (I used in for my GA-ME 2000 hike as well).
> You can check out my journa at www.trailjournals.com/ladyleaper .  Some of
> my photos are there.    It's served me well enough, but I'm thinking about
> going digital as well.  My biggest concerns are:  1.durability
> (it's dusty,
> humnid, rainy, hot and cold out there) and 2. storage capacity.  I just
> returned from the ALDHA gathering in West Virginia and saw some really
> terrific slide shows that were taken with digital cameras.  I
> know Spur used
> a digital and his photos were excellent.  I get the feeling
> storage capacity
> can be a hassle.  Most of us are pack-weight conscious and don't want to
> carry a lot of excess weight.  I guess we're looking for a balance---great
> photos wihtout increasing weight too much.  I'm anxious to see how others
> balance this.