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[at-l] The new hiking profile

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> They pulled out that gear.  I smiled again and said, "It
> will make a great candle holder with some dried flowers
> tucked around it."  They stared blankly, then shook
> their heads and sent me on my way.

Hmmm,,,,  wonder what they will do when they see my bowling ball in their x=
-ray machine?  I will be going to Seattle next week and haven't transported=
 the bowling balls since before 9-11.  Once, when I was going to Reno for a=
 tournament, I took 5 bowling balls with me from Philly with no problem, bu=
t coming back out of Reno, they wanted to charge me $$ for 3 bowling balls.=
  Imagine that!  I could take them to Reno, no Charge, but couldn't get the=
m out!

Also, coming back from Wales one year I had a few stones in my carry on (gr=
een slate and a small castle wall stone, nothing much) as well as a slate c=
lock that my cousin had given me.  Wow, what a fiasco that was.  I was stop=
ped everywhere!  I learned to put that kind of stuff in my checked luggage.

Subject Change:  Anyone know where I can get more info on the PA Ruck?  I h=
ave been using the search engines, but only came up with past ones?


:o) Mary  (trailname not found yet)

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