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[at-l] AT Camera - Staring from Scratch

Hey Jan,

I too, tend to be a bit of a technophobic.  I used my Olympus Stylus again
on my PCT thru-hike this year (I used in for my GA-ME 2000 hike as well).
You can check out my journa at www.trailjournals.com/ladyleaper .  Some of
my photos are there.    It's served me well enough, but I'm thinking about
going digital as well.  My biggest concerns are:  1.durability (it's dusty,
humnid, rainy, hot and cold out there) and 2. storage capacity.  I just
returned from the ALDHA gathering in West Virginia and saw some really
terrific slide shows that were taken with digital cameras.  I know Spur used
a digital and his photos were excellent.  I get the feeling storage capacity
can be a hassle.  Most of us are pack-weight conscious and don't want to
carry a lot of excess weight.  I guess we're looking for a balance---great
photos wihtout increasing weight too much.  I'm anxious to see how others
balance this.

Cheryl   Lady Leaper
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> Okay, experts...
> I need someone who runs with scissors here.
> Flyin' Brian made a compelling case for shooting digital on one's
> His slide show was made from digital shots.
> Sounds good - but - I am digitally deprived.
> Help me out here. I'm starting from scratch.
> Walk this gal thru slowly... I want Digital Info for Dummies here. Make it
> simple.
> I won't say money is no object, because it is, - on the other hand, this
> a lifetime trip. So, I am willing to make an investment.
> 1) For total non-techie, starting from scratch, steer me to a decent
> and make it easy for me: specify what pixels (whatever them be) I want,
> decent brands, and whatever I don't even know what to ask about.
> Don't talk jargon at me, as if will fly over my head and stick to the
> and somebody will have to clean it up ( might put someone's eye out, and I
> hate when that happens)
> Actual links to said camera on sale with the note "buy this one, dummy"
> rate a not-insignificant line in my will.
> 2)Someone mentioned a six-ounce camera. Is this possible, and also be of
> decent quality?
> 3) Help me puzzle out the mechanics of it. HOW would one make a digital
> camera work on the AT?
> I believe I'll have to be mailing stuff back and forth to support folk
> (Leapfrog already volunteered to burn the thingies to a disc), but what
> these mysterious things I'll be mailing? Will I need to put stuff in a
> bounce box? I am thinking of regular batteries, not the rechargeable ones.
> How do I keep records of what I am shooting? Is there a capacity for
> labeling?
> It occurs to me, there will be massive amounts of photo info to process on
> six-month trip.
> 4) Is there ANY way for publishable photos from digital? Sometimes I need
> photo for a story. I know our state newspaper has gone digital because the
> shooter can check on the spot if s/he got the shot. But, print quality in
> newspapers in a different animal.
> 5) What are the drawbacks of digital (cold weather operational?) How to
> avoid them?
> 6) What else do I need to know that i can't begin to fathom? Gotta do this
> soon.
> Woodelf and Lee I Joe, I know you've traveled this path already. Anyone
> else? Please, please chime in.
> Digitally ignorant,
> Jan L
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