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[at-l] AT Camera - Staring from Scratch

Okay, experts...
I need someone who runs with scissors here.

Flyin' Brian made a compelling case for shooting digital on one's thru-hike.
His slide show was made from digital shots.

Sounds good - but - I am digitally deprived.

Help me out here. I'm starting from scratch.
Walk this gal thru slowly... I want Digital Info for Dummies here. Make it
I won't say money is no object, because it is, - on the other hand, this is
a lifetime trip. So, I am willing to make an investment.

1) For total non-techie, starting from scratch, steer me to a decent camera,
and make it easy for me: specify what pixels (whatever them be) I want,
decent brands, and whatever I don't even know what to ask about.

Don't talk jargon at me, as if will fly over my head and stick to the wall,
and somebody will have to clean it up ( might put someone's eye out, and I
hate when that happens)

Actual links to said camera on sale with the note "buy this one, dummy" will
rate a not-insignificant line in my will.

2)Someone mentioned a six-ounce camera. Is this possible, and also be of
decent quality?

3) Help me puzzle out the mechanics of it. HOW would one make a digital
camera work on the AT?

I believe I'll have to be mailing stuff back and forth to support folk
(Leapfrog already volunteered to burn the thingies to a disc), but what are
these mysterious things I'll be mailing? Will I need to put stuff in a
bounce box? I am thinking of regular batteries, not the rechargeable ones.
How do I keep records of what I am shooting? Is there a capacity for
It occurs to me, there will be massive amounts of photo info to process on a
six-month trip.

4) Is there ANY way for publishable photos from digital? Sometimes I need a
photo for a story. I know our state newspaper has gone digital because the
shooter can check on the spot if s/he got the shot. But, print quality in
newspapers in a different animal.

5) What are the drawbacks of digital (cold weather operational?) How to
avoid them?

6) What else do I need to know that i can't begin to fathom? Gotta do this

Woodelf and Lee I Joe, I know you've traveled this path already. Anyone
else? Please, please chime in.

Digitally ignorant,
Jan L
    	Jan Leitschuh Sporthorses Ltd.