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[at-l] Boy Scout shelter

It seems to me that the reason the Boy Scout shelter is in such bad repair =
is that it is no longer needed, and no one has taken the time to tear it do=
wn.  It is located just one mile north of the road leading into Catawba, VA=
, and there is only about 1.1 miles more to Catawba shelter, and then just =
another 2.2 miles to Campbell shelter.  As they say in real estate, "The va=
lue of a property is determined by three things:  location, location, locat=

It doesn't make much sense to stop at a bad location when you can go one mi=
le further and have a very nice location and shelter (see my picture of Cat=
awba shelter at:  http://www.oc.edu/staff/phil.heffington/CatawbaShelter.jp=
g) or just 3.3 miles past Boy Scout to a good location and shelter at Campb=
ell shelter (see my picture at:  http://www.oc.edu/staff/phil.heffington/Ca=

There are few shelters on the trail which are located so close to a town wi=
th resources, or other good shelters at better locations.  I would suggest =
that the Boy Scouts organize a weekend weiner roast and use the shelter as =