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[at-l] Boy Scout Shelter in Central VA

>From: Lamar Powell <hopefl@juno.com>
>Well, it's just an idea, you volunteering, I mean.  Somebody needs to do
>something about the Boy Scout Shelter. Don't you agree?  I mean, being that
>you have already surveyed the situation, who better than you to handle the
>job? Hopeful

Well, I knew this was coming.   Guilty but... I don't live remotely near the
trail to take responsibilities like what you suggest.  Spending an
afternoon, a weekend, a long day improving this shelter over several years
would be very satisfying.  The joy people like you, BobC and others I've met
on the trail take in doing this is remarkable.  It really seems a job for
someone who knows the local resources and has time to make the commitment
meaningful.  That person is just not me.


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