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[at-l] Boy Scout Shelter in Central VA


I didn't mean to imply the BSA owns and operates the Boy Scout Shelter.
However, anything with the name Boy Scout Shelter leads one to imagine the
organization at least takes some interest in it and maybe they do.

I assumed the Boy Scout Shelter would be a popular service project for
troops or several Eagle Scout Service Projects. They, (we) don't have any
more responsibility that any other AT user but all AT users have great
responsibilities to the trail.  The Boy Scouts are a huge group of willing
support.  There will always be scouts eager to help and advancement require=
hours of community service.  I wonder if it has ever been pursued?

If memory serves correctly, the Boy Scout Shelter is 25 or so miles north o=
Troutville in Central VA. And yes I miss typed the acronym of the Roanoke
Appalachian Trail Club but they are indeed the correct group.  I don't mean
this as criticism of the RATC, they do a great job on their portion of the


>From: Gary Roberts <GRoberts@npr.org>
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>Subject: RE: [at-l] Boy Scout Shelter in Central VA
>Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 08:52:16 -0500
>Where is this shelter?  Are you referring to the Shenandoah NP or Blue
>Parkway sections?
>I don't think it would be called Boy Scout Property if it's in a National
>Park.  What is the RACT?  Did you mean the RATC (Roanoke Appalachian Trail
>Club)??  Inquiring minds want to know
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>From: =09Tim Woodworth [mailto:hiker_00@hotmail.com]
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>Subject:=09[at-l] Boy Scout Shelter in Central VA
>Dear ATC,
>I recently section hiked the Central VA portion of the trail and was
>forward to visiting several shelters.  As a life-long Boy Scout, the BS
>shelter seemed an interesting place to spend the night or at least stop by
>for a break.  My travels took me past the shelter about mid-morning and
>thing that it did -- what a dump!
>So my question is, why?  This reflects badly on the Boy Scouts of America.
>It is in no way an example of how the BSA maintains its properties or lend=
>it's name to anyone or thing.  Why does the Boy Scout organization and RAC=
>ignore this shelter so badly?  Furthermore, was this really built in a
>location that there is never water or is this a drought related happening?
>Tim Woodworth (Shep)
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