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OT: Lost opportunities (was) RE: [at-l] The new hiking profile

>>>Isn't it amazing how time can transform 'junk' into precious historical
artifacts?  Sheesh!  So, how did the candle holder turn out?<<<

I once had a chance to get a case of the old LOG CABIN -- from when they
came in little tin log cabins.  I figured they had spoiled and did not take
up the opportunity.  And there was a box of "give-away" Red Ryder BB gun
camping handbooks, but I had one and so I let that go.  Plus there were some
old, old Coke bottles.  ALL FOR FREE -- they were tearing down a cousin's
old store.  Sighhh...

I did get one handmade nail.

William, The Lost Opportunity Turtle

PS  To make this semi-trail related: There was the old gent who offered me a
ride.  He then said he lived a few miles farther on and that he would be
glad to have me for dinner.  I politely turned him down.  His car was beat
up.  He was wearing raggedy man clothes.  And I figured he barely had a pot
to pee in.  So I did not want to eat his last good crumb.  & I told him I
was in a hurry to get up the trail and pitch my camp at a scenic spot.

I later found out that he had probably been fishing or hunting or something.
His regular car was a Bently (sp?).  I wonder what gourmet treat I missed?