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[at-l] Mt Springer shuttles in Jan?

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Hes doing fine.  Almost didnt recognize him at the airport when i picked hi=
m up since the last time i saw him he had hair down to his butt, or thereab=
outs. All gone now.  Turned out to be not such a difficult task to spot him=
, hiker trash tends to stand out in public.

OH and just a little follow up to my last post about going to Springer in J=
an and starting out on the 3rd.  Why the 3rd?  Why not the 1st?  There is a=
 New Years Ruck of sorts on Springer every year.  One could go up Dec 31st,=
 hang out and party with a bunch of crazy hiker trash for the night and hav=
e a proper send off on the 1st..  just some food for thought.


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    Just took Pittsburgh up there yesterday for a little hike hes doing.

  Hows ole Pittsia doing??  We missed him at the Gathering.  Maybe he'll ma=
ke the Ruck.  I hope to see him when he's near Erwin.  Hope he's doing very=
 well.  He's an exceptionally special person.