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[at-l] Mt Springer shuttles in Jan?

I live in Atlanta and am available for shuttles to amicalola or springer mtn
or most other points north just about anytime.  Just took Pittsburgh up
there yesterday for a little hike hes doing. Will make sure he gets back to
the airport in a couple weeks as well. feel free to email me directly.

Matt (Moose '97)

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Subject: [at-l] Mt Springer shuttles in Jan?

> Hi there-
>    This is my first post on this list so I guess Ill give a little
> background... I am planning my thruhike and have set my start date for Jan
> 2003.  I cant wait!  I have been working hard on my training and for about
> three years I have been whittling down my pack weight.  In the summer I
> carry less than 10 pounds but in the winter it is significantly more.
> now that I have got most of my gear lined up I am figuring out the
> of my hike.  Does anyone know of any shuttles from Atlanta to Ammacolla
> falls?  Do you have the contacts? Do you know if they are availible in
> January?
> Thanks a lot,
> Ron
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