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Re[2]: [at-l] Boy Scout Shelter in Central VA

"...Well,  it's  just  an  idea,  you volunteering, I mean. Somebody needs to do
something  about  the Boy Scout Shelter. Don't you agree? I mean, being that you
have  already  surveyed  the  situation, who better than you to handle the job?"
urges Hopeful.

 This is wonderful advice. I got involved seriously with the MATC about 20 years
 ago  after a four day, south bound trip between the Jo Mary Campground road and
 Gulf  Hagas  with  my  two  sons,  ages 10 and 11. I complained to the District
 Overseer  about the brush and blowdowns on the Whitecap side trail.

 He  suggested I might like to take care of that side trail myself. Twenty years
 later my duties, among others, have expanded to a mile of the AT to maintain --
 and 60 miles of the AT to oversee.