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[at-l] Maps...

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Orange Bug wrote:

> What's your ATM PIN number? I think you wrote it on this map over here.

There's a funny story about that. Well, funny now. At the thyme, it was
less funny. It was an expensive lesson I learned. I once gave out my ATM
number and coinciding PIN. I may have posted it on the list. Apparently,
what happened was a friend of someone on the list found the number and
spread it around some. (I'm certain no one on the list would have done
this...at least since The City Slicka left) Well, I started getting
'withdrawal' notices from all over the eastern seaboard. It ended up
totaling about $15,000.  So, I had to close that account. Now what I do is
right my account number on my maps BUT...and, this is a very big BUT (as
you can imagine by the all-capitalization of the word 'but')...I write the
PIN backwards. So, the maps you have probably this account number: 513232
52512637 and then the PIN of 5477. Well, the account number is right...but,
the PIN is really 7745...Just a little trick I learned...you can use it if
you like...

btw....I found the maps...they were in my map-box underneath that guitar I
smashed at Traildays...in the livingroom behind the drumset and under the
deer head... (You guys would be amazed at how much of this note is true...)
(I know I am)

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"