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[at-l] Question: Poplar Ridge Lean-to near Saddleback, Maine

Hello all

I'm finishing up my trip report from my notes of my recent section hike on
the AT in western Maine.

The night after we crossed Saddleback and The Horn we stayed in Poplar Ridge
Lean-to.  This has the distinction of being one of the only 2 lean-tos left
in Maine with the "baseball bat" floor.  (The other one is supposed to be in
the 100 mile wilderness - haven't got there yet).

There was a nice explanation of the history of the shelter (and why the
floor was built that way) and other local lore written by the maintainer of
the shelter, who (it said) had actually built the lean-to with his wife in
the 50s.  It was rather humorously written.  I'm told the man is rather well
known, being one of the true old-timers.

I should have taken better notes but:

Who was the maintainer/builder?

Anyone know if the explanation he wrote (about 4 pages type written) is
available anywhere?

Anyone else stay there and see this?