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[at-l] Boy Scout Shelter in Central VA

Dear ATC,

I recently section hiked the Central VA portion of the trail and was lookin=
forward to visiting several shelters.  As a life-long Boy Scout, the BS
shelter seemed an interesting place to spend the night or at least stop by
for a break.  My travels took me past the shelter about mid-morning and goo=
thing that it did -- what a dump!

So my question is, why?  This reflects badly on the Boy Scouts of America.
It is in no way an example of how the BSA maintains its properties or lends
it=92s name to anyone or thing.  Why does the Boy Scout organization and RA=
ignore this shelter so badly?  Furthermore, was this really built in a
location that there is never water or is this a drought related happening?


Tim Woodworth (Shep)
Sectioning Southbound since 2000

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