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For those who knew him, an update.

For the rest of you, hoz'bout a brief in person "thank-you" to a great trail
maintainer and a great guy next time you pass the "Scales" horse corral.


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PATH Members,
The secretary-general Hartpence asked me to write a
brief summary about the scattering of Billy Bob's
 The scattering was at 1 pm on the 26th of October at a
rock outcrop in Grayson Highlands State Park within
proximity of the "Scales" horse corral. It was a Billy
Bob kind of day, with brisk wind gusts, fog and short
periods of brightening by the sun. In attendance were
the family including Mickie Brooks, Billy Bob's
significant other, and other members of the family,
members of PATH, USFS and ATC. Andrew Mitchell presided
in very fine fashion, Mickie read some touching poems
and Kevin Mar told a Billy Bob story. Family and PATH
members scattered the ashes. Attendees of special note
were Teresa Martinez of ATC,  longtime  PATH members
Hollyce and Marvin Kirkland, Mark Clayton from
Austin,Texas, Karen Worthington of Seattle, WA, Jim
Houk from Florida,  Steve Williams, Nikola Dudley and
numerous other PATH members totaling some 60+ people.
Some backpacked in and camped over night, while others
dayhiked in or walked in from Scales. Tim Eling of the
USFS arranged an official escort  of the family
vehicles to within proximity of the rock outcrop and
secured the area for the ceremony. They also kept the
Sugar Grove Konnarock facility open for our use and ATC
extended the phone service for us. There was an ample
meal at Sugar Grove including some sampler Billy Bob
trail meals following the ceremonies for the family and
other attendees. Kim Wall did a good job of organizing
the meal after Wayne Riley coordinated the menu over
the PATH list. There were numerous remembrances of
Billy Bob. It was a fine tribute to stalwart member and
one of the foundations of PATH whom we'll miss dearly .