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[at-l] The new hiking profile

Even in my hippie wanna be days, my truly hippy brother told me that no mat=
ter what I do, I look "innocent." That innocent look has proven helpful mos=
t of the time.  However,  back in the 70's I still got the attention of som=
e security agents.

I'd been vacationing in the Bridger National Forest in Wyoming.  This was b=
efore my consciouness of artifacts that been raised, so please don't send m=
e any nastygrams.  We day hiked into an old logging campsite--complete with=
 a rusting 40's era truck, old equipment likewise rusting, etc.  I found a =
large cast iron gear that I thought would make a great candle holder, espec=
ially with some dried flowers in some of the oval openings.  (I can't help =
it; I'm female.)  Husband advised me he would NOT carry it through the secu=
rity check.

I had no problem getting on the plane in Jackson.  However, we had to chang=
e planes in Dallas--and go through security again.  All I had in my carry-o=
n was that heavy gear and a down vest.  Bells and whistles went off--very l=
oudly.  Plain clothes guys appeared out of nowhere.  They kindly asked if I=
 would mind if they checked my lugggage.  I smiled and said, "Of course not=
."  They took me to a table off to the side and opened the carry-on.  They =
pulled out that gear.  I smiled again and said, "It will make a great candl=
e holder with some dried flowers tucked around it."  They stared blankly, t=
hen shook their heads and sent me on my way.

Now, two months past my SECOND neck surgery, I have a metal rod and metal s=
pacers in my neck. (The first surgery didn't hold.) I can hardly wait for t=
he next security check.  But I am getting a letter from my doc in case they=
 don't buy my innocent look.