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[at-l] Re: ALDHA Companion/Endorsements

While the companion is an excellent source and free it it not perfect.  Alo=
ng with this thread there also have been a number of postings requesting in=
formation about shuttles, safe places to park etc.  This list is a great so=
urce of information.

I have periodically posted water conditions on the AT in PA (Plenty now by =
the way) and I have a lot of notes about PA and NJ to relay to hikers on th=
e trail.  My notes are dynamic as the trail always changes.  For instance a=
 section of the AT was closed down near the Lehigh Gap because of a fire.  =
The trail, of course, has reopened so why publish it.  I also know that the=
 trail has been rerouted at little gap (I was suppose to help with the rero=
uting but could not make it) but I have not hiked that area recently so I c=
ould not give you any details about the trail.  The best thing to do is e-m=
ail questions to the list, read the shelter journals and talk to your fello=
w hikers on the trail.  Don't rely on a publication that is published once =
a year.

Cheers all,

Grey Owl

Just heard on the news there is a chance of snow up north.  Probably not on=
 the trail, but winter is coming!!!!