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[at-l] Bald Mountain Shelter - Mile 321.9

> Has anyone been to Bald Mountain Shelter (Mile 321.9, in TN, near Sam's Gap)
> recently? Can you comment on the water (of course),

If you can wait a few weeks, I'm heading that way in mid-November. But it
sounds like you might be in more of a hurry than that.

I also need some expert list advice. My next two sections will take me into
Erwin, TN. I want to do the shorter one (Sam's Gap ---> Erwin) in November,
and save the longer one (US19E --> Erwin) until next March or April. I'm
looking for a secure place to leave my car in Erwin, and recommendations for
shuttle service providers. In Nov I'd need a shuttle around 11 or noon on a
Friday. Any advice is greatly appreciated.